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About Our Company

Company History

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Novitas, LLC has been a thought leader and innovator in the field of electronic discovery since its inception in 1997 under the name of its parent company, Pacific Legal, Inc. (also trademarked discover-e Legal, LLC). Our proprietary technologies and best-of-breed services and solutions enable our clients to quickly and efficiently respond to discovery requests without compromising the integrity or security of their documents and data.


At Novitas, we illustrate intelligence in our field by providing unparalleled customer service to our clients. As long-time services industry veterans, our leadership brings a culture of humility and purpose to our team's vision of providing true service and support.

Novitas provides innovative technology and services, while also offering an expanded suite of services to better enable our clients to manage their documents, data and risk. Novitas provides client-centric technologies and services, including: data collection, culling, processing, hosting, review, coding, and foreign language translation to some of the largest and most prestigious clients in their respected industries.


Our clients and partners can be confident that Novitas is on a long-term, sustainable, and exciting growth path led by a team of highly committed professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Our forward direction has gathered increasing momentum with Rob Oliver as Principal. Mr. Oliver has lead Novitas in strategic growth and thought since 2000, refocusing the core concepts of Novitas and spreading their vision throughout our teams. Our resulting agility and maneuverability allowed Novitas to thrive through a struggling market, while dedication and focus on our clients’ success has brought about further growth and innovation.

Company Culture

Maintaining certain core concepts in practice is so crucial to our daily operations, that we incorporated them in to the fabric of our culture. Our executives, staff and clients are reminded of our decision to remain intelligent in the application of our service offerings with every interaction. Our core concepts of intelligence in discovery, whether the service provided is electronic or in printed form, are simple yet powerful.

We are defined by our:

  • Human Capital

  • We have invested in employing and nurturing professionals who possess solid, strategic, understanding of each phase of discovery, in addition to litigation and investigations overall. Our securing top industry talent, and investing in their continuing education and professional growth, enables us to look beyond “just” collection, processing, hosting, review and production. We are able to focus also on the client’s end game, ensuring that all of our work up to that point aligns with the client’s overall goals.

  • Respectful Responsiveness

  • Before taking action, we ensure that we understand and proactively advise on our clients’ requests. If we see an opportunity to save time, lower costs or create a more successful outcome in any process, our teams understand their responsibility is to discuss these with our clients. Our commitment to serve, rather than service, is what allows clients to see that they are more than an invoice to us. Our clients’ success equates to success for us all.

  • Technical Aptitude

  • Our people not only understand cutting-edge technologies, they know how to apply them in maintaining the quality of our deliverables. Regardless of which tools we employ as a company, our teams remain abreast of developments in newly available technology and retain knowledge of historical applications. Being conversant in the tools we employ, as well as those we don’t, allows us to more effectively assist clients when identifying potentially relevant data for collection, processing data collected from a legacy system or negotiating the format of production specifications.

  • Resource Commitment

  • Working fast is important, but not as crucial as working right. We maintain top of the line data systems and well-founded process infrastructure, allowing us to achieve remarkable turn-around on projects. There are times, however, when a more methodical approach is warranted. We are committed to identifying those times for our clients and to providing viable options that meet deadlines with respectable outcomes. Whatever result is required, our full resources are at your disposal.

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