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We know that no two cases are alike, and no two cases should be handled in the same way. It is depth of experience that allows us to recommend what methods and tools should be employed in each case, which will best suit and be in the best interest of our client.

At Novitas, we are fortunate that our client base is unique in the industry. While we endeavor to provide top shelf service to AmLaw and Fortune rated law firms and corporations, we support the needs of small to medium sized firms and companies with the same zeal and care as we do the “big fish.” The common thread among all of our clients is their need for proven, professional, information handling and data management with a keen focus on affordability and best practices.

We are a strategic ally with our clients. By building long-standing relationships, we simultaneously enjoy their referrals of us to others. In this industry, as in many others, reputation is invaluable.


As a respected technology leader, Novitas began a Channel Partner program in 2011. There are many regional companies in the discovery services space that lack the specialized technical expertise, infrastructure or financial capacity to provide the services required to remain fluid and competitive. Novitas is contractually engaged with more than 25 Channel Partners throughout the United States to fulfill that purpose. Our Channel Partner program is a bright spot within our business line, providing us with the opportunity to introduce new technologies and services to markets that are hungry for them.

The Novitas Channel Partner Program allows strategic partners to extend their market reach by offering services and technologies from the Novitas suite of services and solutions. Products and services currently available to partners include:

  • Forensic Data Collection
  • IT Consulting, Managed Services & On Demand Support
  • Backup Tape Restoration
  • Early Data Assessment
  • Hosted Review using Relativity
  • Managed Attorney Review | Foreign Language Translation
  • Domestic Document Coding | LDD
  • Benefits to our Channel Partners
  • Expanded footprint in the marketplace
  • Additional revenue streams without capital investment or deployment costs
  • Broader product range
  • Business development support

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What’s New With Relativity?


Analytics. Now with email threading.

Relativity Analytics now includes email threading to automatically identify and organize emails that were part of a single conversation. It’s easy to identify the most inclusive documents for review and cut down on time spent reviewing redundant messages, while intuitive email visualization using reply, forward, reply all, and file type icons make it easy to navigate a thread. Also new to Analytics is near-duplicate detection, language identification, and repeated content filters to eliminate recurring content like footers, improving the quality of your search results.

Assisted Review ["TAR"]. Powerful technology meets flexible workflows.

Relativity Assisted Review is even more flexible. You can now use previously coded documents as a seed set to jumpstart a project, make use of a control set to validate your results, and view new reports that calculate precision, recall, and F1. Assisted Review is also easier to use for case or project managers, with a redesigned home page, automatic creation of saved searches that drive the workflow, and real-time status bars that provide visual indications of your progress. Additionally, you can prioritize issues, calculate sample size, and have Assisted Review automatically batch out documents for review.

Native Imaging in Relativity.

What does this mean?

In simplest terms, this means perfect images and faster productions.  Relativity calls upon copies of the software that originally generated the native file in order to create exactly the result that you would get if you hit the print button on your computer, plus the ability to show various hidden properties. Your personalized imaging profile can allow you to:

  • create color images;
  • use different DPI settings;
  • reveal field codes, such as that an area in a Word doc calls for a date, rather than the date of the server appearing;
  • use the original print settings of the person who generated the Excel file you have been painfully trying to print;
  • print color images to black and white with intelligent treatment of greyscale;
  • limit Excels to certain page lengths;
  • reveal comments, speaker notes and hidden text in Powerpoints, Excels and Word documents;
  • print gridlines;
  • download images from the internet (if an email signature is actually a link, not an embedded image);
  • provide fast, consistent image productions with fewer “bad” images.

Relativity Binders

Functionality Overview

  • Mobile support for case documents - You no longer need to be at your computer to work with documents in Relativity. With Binders, you can organize, annotate, and prepare sets of documents from anywhere at any time.
  • Offline access - Work with your documents even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Security - Binders is password-protected, and Relativity credentials are required to access case documents within the app. Additionally, all Binders data is encrypted.
  • Annotations - Easily highlight, draw, and add notes to your documents. You can print and email documents with or without annotations.
  • Organization - Documents with highlights and annotations are automatically organized into customizable lists. You can quickly arrange documents to follow your pattern of thought and tell your client’s story.
  • Search - You can search within documents and view metadata for added context.
  • Syncing with Relativity - Because Binders syncs with Relativity, you can pull down new documents every time you connect. Your work product is always backed up to your secure Relativity instance.

Ask your hosting project manager how best to implement these features in your project!

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