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Novitas has partnered with industry-leading review platform, Relativity, to provide clients with defensible, cost-effective, and comprehensive hosting and review solutions.  Our skilled project managers ensure that projects are carried out with precision and integrity.

Corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies require document review teams supported by electronic discovery solutions that are flexible and scalable. Litigation is unpredictable by nature and requires flexible, creative, and accurate solutions. Our complete solution includes reliable and up-to-date technology, equipment, trained and reliable project management, and sensible and secure procedures.

With Novitas hosting services clients can search, organize and analyze documents anywhere, contact human support when needed, and work with our professionals to address unforeseen circumstances.

Our hosting project managers are certified in Relativity and have professional experience with other software and platforms. Our hosting team follows your matter from start to finish to ensure continuity of support and constant communications coverage.

All of our hosting solutions are installed and maintained with a proven high-availability technology provider that is regularly audited for SSAE-16, PCI, and ISO 20000-1 standards for security, processes and procedures.

Using analytic tools in our hosting software, as well as our own proprietary metrics, we provide custom reports on the progress of reviews, and their content.

Our organized and sensible database design techniques aid workflow, document review, and database management.

Our hosting team has the backing of the longest-tenured electronic data processing department in the industry, so we are able to resolve data issues efficiently and can process data for optimal viewing.

Novitas’ state-of-the-art infrastructure allows clients to do what they do best, rather than focusing on the need to buy and maintain equipment or keep trained and certified staff for access to one solution.

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