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IT Services

Novitas IT Services provides a broad range of IT consulting, network and computer support to all business types.

We take pride in employing well-qualified technicians who offer 10 or more years of experience in myriad IT specialties, on-site or remotely and 24/7, as your business needs dictate. As a Novitas client, you will enjoy the most professional and responsive service available, for whatever your IT needs are, whether in-house or on contract.

IT Services: We offer a pay as you go hourly rate for most professional IT services, so you can fix only what's broken - when it's broken.

Business Continuity Planning: It is true in this instance that the best offense is a good defense. We can help you protect your business from disaster with a solid plan for prevention and protection. We can implement and onboard your existing personnel on any systems that are put in to place.

Data Retention & Recovery: Sometimes even under the best possible conditions and with the best available equipment, data loss happens. We feel it is wise to believe it is not a matter of if, but when. That is why we offer strategies and tools to protect your data with a solid backup strategy, and to put data retention policies in place. Employing these, we can achieve the best possible success in data recovery in the event of a failure.

Consulting / Security: Novitas Tech experts are poised to assist with projects in all aspects of IT. We leverage our wide-range of expertise to guide you in the best possible return on your technology investment. Many of our experts' sweet spot lies in Security. We consult with you, and your teams, to plan, implement, audit, monitor and manage complete security solutions that ensure your IT assets are protected.

Virtualization: Consolidate your resources and improve performance by implementing a virtualized infrastructure. Novitas can help allocate resources quickly while lowering your operating and acquisition costs, increasing IT productivity.

Networking: Your network is the backbone of your IT Environment. Our seasoned technicians will provide full network assessments and make best practice recommendations that are in synch with your IT goals.

Equipment Purchasing: Leverage our amazing vendor relationships with Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, etc. Because we purchase in large volumes from these vendors, they often provide us with significant discounts. We are happy to pass these along to our clients as a thank you for trusting us with one of your most crucial functions. Please let us know if you are looking to purchase any type of computer equipment, and we can provide you with a quote. The savings we are able to negotiate for you will depend upon timing, timeline and what's ordered.

Systems Review / Health Check: Not sure what you need, but you know you need something? Obtain an expert first (or second) opinion on your business-critical systems and/or equipment. We help you to be proactive, ferreting out weak points before they present problems for you and your customers/clients. Once you understand the overall health of your systems and/or equipment, we are happy to provide model evaluation, quotes and/or configuration/installation for either new or existing:

  • PCs/Laptops: We also offer system maintenance, virus/spyware/malware removal, updates, backup strategy and can fill any gaps in your IT staffing related to keeping your local computers at the top of their performance capacities.
  • iPhone/iPad/Droid/PDAs, etc.: We also offer training on how you get the most benefit from these, as well as providing email configuration, app installation, etc.
  • Network/LAN/WAN: This includes servers, firewalls, cabling, backup systems/equipment, data storage solutions, shared printers, Internet setup, Virtual Private Network implementation, really any need related to building or improving on your network.

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