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Electronic Discovery Processing

Novitas converts electronically stored information into a format that is reviewable, without jeopardizing chain-of-custody or risking spoliation. Where sending data offsite for processing is not an option, especially if it contains highly sensitive or confidential information, Novitas offers on-site processing.

Data Intake Services: If we aren’t collecting the data, clients may either ship collected data to our headquarters for on-site data intake or upload it to one of our secure servers.

Defensible Preservation Service: Rather than use traditional filesystem-based storage, all data is preserved in a forensically sound immutable datastore.

Pre-Processing: Prepare unstructured data for Early Data Assessment (EDA), search, and eventual review on a fast, powerful, scalable, distributed processing platform. Ingested data is prepared and available for reports and search in hours instead of days.

Deduplication: Reduce the collected universe of documents by identifying and eliminating replicated documents. Duplicate documents are automatically identified during data intake, and can later be removed based on the specific business requirements of your matter. Both custodian-based and project-based deduplication is possible.

NSRL (NIST) Analysis & Filtering: Never find useless files in your review data set again. We compare all discovered documents at data intake time against known system files, using the National Software Reference Library (NSRL) published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These documents are then automatically reported on in the exceptions reports, and are eliminated from deliverables by default (there is an option to keep them if necessary or desired).

Enhanced Reporting: We are able to provide reports on an individual custodian, or even a single dataset (e.g., a single Microsoft Outlook PST, etc).

The list of possible reports includes:

  • Distribution of data, by Custodian
  • Document Types Report
  • Domains Report
  • Duplicates Report
  • Exceptions Report
  • Timeline Report

Enterprise Search: Cull your data with powerful search and filtering criteria, including Boolean search, phrase search, proximity search, wildcards, range searching, and comprehensive metadata searching. Filtering strategies include:

  • Date-range filtering – cull the dataset by a date range.
  • Document-type filtering – filter out unwanted document types.
  • Domain filtering – filter out unwanted emails to/from specific domains.
  • Sender/Recipient filtering – quickly and easily identify emails between specific participants.

Export & Post-Processing: We prepare unstructured data for native document review and create review (or production, if ready without review) volumes that are compatible with traditional document review platforms, such as Relativity, iConect, AccessData Summation, LexisNexis Concordance, and many more.

Rolling Deliverables & Globally Unique Exports: Working against a deadline & need to start reviewing data ASAP? Or have you encountered new search terms and need to go back and export any new documents that you might have missed in the initial export? These are common business requirements in electronic discovery matters. We ensure that your deliverables don’t include documents you have already exported to the review team.

Standardized Output: Never hassle with your load files again. We reduce the need for performing any modifications prior to loading data to your database.

Post-Processing Services: Hassle-free post-processing services provided by Novitas are available for review datasets that were processed us. Convert responsive documents to TIFF and/or PDF for image-based document review.

* Team member in downtown Portland law firm focused on estate and trust planning/administration, business/tax/compensation planning, and representing the needs of tax-exempt charitable organizations in Oregon and Washington.

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