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Novitas assembles cost effective attorney review teams quickly and efficiently. Our expansive Managed Document Review service includes: Full, to Production, Review; First and Second Level Review; Quality Control; and, Attorney Project Management.

Our partner's review teams are comprised of qualified lawyers who are supported by Novitas' discovery analysts and document specialists. Together, we confirm that every facet of the review process conforms to the overall litigation strategy as determined by the client. Our document review team also includes experienced project managers and technology staff.

Any of the comprehensive discovery services offered by Novitas may be combined with attorney review to allow for seamless and predictable workflow. We enjoy the ability to hand our clients the keys to a web-based database that consists of data that has been collected, processed, and reviewed under management by the same team.

Whether a well-rounded discovery solution requires a robust Full Managed Review, a Fixed First Pass Managed Review, or to integrate Managed and Technology Assisted or Foreign Language Review, our affordable tiered models are a cost-effective fit.

In trusted partnership with Inspired Review, Novitas offers document review services designed to disrupt a marketplace that has been considered commoditized for years. Our model for pricing discovery services, including attorney and technology assisted review, changes the way clients budget the cost of discovery.

Our discovery services model aligns the visions and needs of our clients with the attorneys performing review and the Novitas project teams; allowing us to offer predictable and affordable solutions that rival other U.S. based services structures, and even those of many offshore services.

Our choice in review partner has as much to do with their commitment to community as it does with the high quality and reasonable cost of their services. A portion of the profits from each review engagement is donated to the charity of our client's choice. This is not a sales gimmick, it is a purposeful choice made by our partner to prove that our clients’ business is taken personally.

The following document review service offerings may be combined with any, or all, of our discovery services:

Full Managed Review: offers an affordable and production ready product that includes elevated QC, review management, and use of facilities (e.g., reviewer space, amenities, and workstations). Our partner’s statistically validated QC process is designed to identify and correct any errors in a review, offering clients peace of mind that what we deliver is truly a production ready product. Between 30%-40% total QC is performed, consisting of types such as: batch, search based, and statistical. This is more than any other managed attorney review company offers without added layers of expense to the client.

Fixed First Pass Managed Review: is an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional billed by the hour first pass document review. For clients who already have a robust second level review process in place, this service offers lower and more predictable costs to enable focus on a more substantive review. The Fixed First Pass Managed Review focuses on "smart batching” to isolate non-responsive documents from review. Performance of both mechanical and privilege QC sets our clients up for an effective internal second level review and final QC process.

Technology Assisted Review integrates leading analytics and predictive coding software with various review methodologies, when appropriate to the cost and timeline goals of a review, to deliver a completely optimized and accelerated solution that is accurate, defensible, and more cost effective than traditional review.

Foreign Language Review: provides our clients with the services of professionals who have advanced linguistic and legal technical expertise to fully translate documents into English or from English to any other language. Our partner’s non-English language reviewers are native language speakers who are trained in both Offshore and United States legal systems. Reviews may be conducted in a wide array of languages, while notes and summaries are provided in English.

How Do these Services Benefit our Clients

Fixed-Cost Pricing offers our clients a level of certainty that is unattainable employing traditional billed by the hour document reviewers. Our fixed-cost pricing includes QC and review management expenses.

Project Metric Tracking provides an unmatched level of accuracy and insight in to productivity during the review process. Our partner’s highly qualified Review Managers track individual and group metrics, enabling a historical perspective that accelerates decision making and improves productivity, while providing our clients with valuable cost control and data metrics.

Defensible & Statistically Validated Review Process employing Review Managers who maintain a diligent focus on the various QC and statistical validation aspects of each review, customized to fit each case, creating a unique review "road map."

Experience & Scalability enables our partner to efficiently assemble efficient and accurate (so, affordable) document review teams anywhere in the U.S., or in offshore locations.

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