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Our Services

Our People are Our Primary Service Offering

A good mix of talent makes the largest positive impact on service provider teams. Because we rely so heavily on our teams, and think so highly of them for their intelligent service to our clients, we have created an atmosphere where our people know they are a focus.

In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, each of our team members exhibits the traits learned from seeing that we will:

  • Ensure they are treated respectfully by peers, leadership, and clients in an environment in which they are enabled to be professionally candid.
  • Stand up for the value of their time and resources, addressing our client's critical needs while respecting their quality of life.
  • Provide support for continued professional development, and offer genuine feedback on performance.

Novitas provides a full suite of litigation support and investigative data technology services, such as:

IT Services

"Thank you . . . ! I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for all your diligent work
in getting this taken care of and set up in a way that is best for [our firm]!!"
"Thank you so much! You do an excellent job explaining things in a way us
'non-techie' people can understand" ~ Jill P. *

Novitas IT Services provides a broad range of IT consulting, network and computer support to all business types. We align with your IT goals, whether short or long term, so you can remain focused on your core business.

We take pride in employing well-qualified technicians who offer 10 or more years of experience in myriad IT specialties, on-site or remotely and 24/7, as your business needs dictate. As a Novitas client, you will enjoy the most professional and responsive service available, for whatever your IT needs are, whether in-house or on contract.

Enterprise Projects: From Exchange Migrations and AD Upgrades to Networking, Storage and Virtualization, we expertly handle complex enterprise IT projects. Our technicians have delivered successful IT projects to Fortune 500, as well as mid-enterprise level, companies.

Managed Services: We tailor budget-friendly and predictably fixed monthly fees for our Managed Services clients. Our Managed Service Agreements are built to offer only what your business needs, including proactive monitoring of all network devices, computers, servers, etc., with help desk support available 24/7.

On Demand Services: When more traditional IT services are what you need, but you don't need them frequently enough to budget new or additional employees or even a managed service provider, we empathize! That's why we have crafted a pay as you go hourly rate for most professional IT services, so you can fix only what's broken - when it's broken.

Business Continuity Planning: It is true in this instance that the best offense is a good defense. We can help you protect your business from disaster with a solid plan for prevention and protection. We can implement and onboard your existing personnel on any systems that are put in to place.

Data Retention & Recovery: Sometimes even under the best possible conditions and with the best available equipment, data loss happens. We feel it is wise to believe it is not a matter of if, but when. That is why we offer strategies and tools to protect your data with a solid backup strategy, and to put data retention policies in place. Employing these, we can achieve the best possible success in data recovery in the event of a failure.

Consulting / Security: Novitas Tech experts are poised to assist with projects in all aspects of IT. We leverage our wide-range of expertise to guide you in the best possible return on your technology investment. Many of our experts' sweet spot lies in Security. We consult with you, and your teams, to plan, implement, audit, monitor and manage complete security solutions that ensure your IT assets are protected.

Cloud Services: Are you hoping to make a move to the cloud, but not positive what pitfalls there may be or how to evaluate cloud vendors? We can start by providing understandable information on how the cloud works. Our Cloud offering is private, scalable, infrastructure with high availability and at a cost-effective, fixed, monthly fee. We can build you the flexibility to work anywhere you want, at any time.

Virtualization: Consolidate your resources and improve performance by implementing a virtualized infrastructure. Novitas can help allocate resources quickly while lowering your operating and acquisition costs, increasing IT productivity.

Networking: Your network is the backbone of your IT Environment. Our seasoned technicians will provide full network assessments and make best practice recommendations that are in synch with your IT goals.

Equipment Purchasing: Leverage our amazing vendor relationships with Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, etc. Because we purchase in large volumes from these vendors, they often provide us with significant discounts. We are happy to pass these along to our clients as a thank you for trusting us with one of your most crucial functions. Please let us know if you are looking to purchase any type of computer equipment, and we can provide you with a quote. The savings we are able to negotiate for you will depend upon timing, timeline and what's ordered.

Systems Review / Health Check: Not sure what you need, but you know you need something? Obtain an expert first (or second) opinion on your business-critical systems and/or equipment. We help you to be proactive, ferreting out weak points before they present problems for you and your customers/clients. Once you understand the overall health of your systems and/or equipment, we are happy to provide model evaluation, quotes and/or configuration/installation for either new or existing:

  • PCs/Laptops: We also offer system maintenance, virus/spyware/malware removal, updates, backup strategy and can fill any gaps in your IT staffing related to keeping your local computers at the top of their performance capacities.
  • iPhone/iPad/Droid/PDAs, etc.: We also offer training on how you get the most benefit from these, as well as providing email configuration, app installation, etc.
  • Network/LAN/WAN: This includes servers, firewalls, cabling, backup systems/equipment, data storage solutions, shared printers, Internet setup, Virtual Private Network implementation, really any need related to building or improving on your network.

Forensic Data Collection

Data collection services from hard drives, laptops and servers are provided by certified computer forensic specialists, at any location on-site or from our secured forensics lab. Novitas specialists can restore data from backup tapes in diverse formats into a single centralized data repository. Handled entirely by certified forensic specialists, all chain-of-custody procedures are followed and documented. Data reduction forensically eliminates known system files, application files and files from exclusion/inclusion lists from a data collection, all prior to processing, saving clients time and money.”

Novitas guides clients through the important process of collecting and analyzing electronically stored information, partnering with clients to develop a sound and efficient collection strategy. We use industry-leading technology and hardware to collect data from servers, laptops, desktops, and other devices. Both our methods and our tools are defensible and easily validated. Our forensic collections specialists conduct non-intrusive collection services on-site. Each forensic technician is an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) with all the necessary tools to document, collect, and preserve the integrity of ESI. Novitas collection capabilities integrate fully with our processing services for a seamless and more efficient workflow.

Data Collection
Tape Restoration
Hard Drive Imaging
Password Cracking
Data Recovery and Analysis

Electronic Discovery Processing

Novitas converts electronically stored information into a format that is reviewable, without jeopardizing chain-of-custody or risking spoliation. Where sending data offsite for processing is not an option, especially if it contains highly sensitive or confidential information, Novitas offers on-site processing.

Data Intake Services: If we aren’t collecting the data, clients may either ship collected data to our headquarters for on-site data intake or upload it to one of our secure servers.

Defensible Preservation Service: Rather than use traditional filesystem-based storage, all data is preserved in a forensically sound immutable datastore.

Pre-Processing: Prepare unstructured data for Early Data Assessment (EDA), search, and eventual review on a fast, powerful, scalable, distributed processing platform. Ingested data is prepared and available for reports and search in hours instead of days.

Deduplication: Reduce the collected universe of documents by identifying and eliminating replicated documents. Duplicate documents are automatically identified during data intake, and can later be removed based on the specific business requirements of your matter. Both custodian-based and project-based deduplication is possible.

NSRL (NIST) Analysis & Filtering: Never find useless files in your review data set again. We compare all discovered documents at data intake time against known system files, using the National Software Reference Library (NSRL) published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These documents are then automatically reported on in the exceptions reports, and are eliminated from deliverables by default (there is an option to keep them if necessary or desired).

Enhanced Reporting: We are able to provide reports on an individual custodian, or even a single dataset (e.g., a single Microsoft Outlook PST, etc).

The list of possible reports includes:

  • Distribution of data, by Custodian
  • Document Types Report
  • Domains Report
  • Duplicates Report
  • Exceptions Report
  • Timeline Report

Enterprise Search: Cull your data with powerful search and filtering criteria, including Boolean search, phrase search, proximity search, wildcards, range searching, and comprehensive metadata searching. Filtering strategies include:

  • Date-range filtering – cull the dataset by a date range.
  • Document-type filtering – filter out unwanted document types.
  • Domain filtering – filter out unwanted emails to/from specific domains.
  • Sender/Recipient filtering – quickly and easily identify emails between specific participants.

Export & Post-Processing: We prepare unstructured data for native document review and create review (or production, if ready without review) volumes that are compatible with traditional document review platforms, such as Relativity, iConect, AccessData Summation, LexisNexis Concordance, and many more.

Rolling Deliverables & Globally Unique Exports: Working against a deadline & need to start reviewing data ASAP? Or have you encountered new search terms and need to go back and export any new documents that you might have missed in the initial export? These are common business requirements in electronic discovery matters. We ensure that your deliverables don’t include documents you have already exported to the review team.

Standardized Output: Never hassle with your load files again. We reduce the need for performing any modifications prior to loading data to your database.

Post-Processing Services: Hassle-free post-processing services provided by Novitas are available for review datasets that were processed us. Convert responsive documents to TIFF and/or PDF for image-based document review.

Document Hosting | Production

Novitas has partnered with industry-leading review platform, Relativity, to provide clients with defensible, cost-effective, and comprehensive hosting and review solutions.  Our skilled project managers ensure that projects are carried out with precision and integrity.

Corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies require document review teams supported by electronic discovery solutions that are flexible and scalable. Litigation is unpredictable by nature and requires flexible, creative, and accurate solutions. Our complete solution includes reliable and up-to-date technology, equipment, trained and reliable project management, and sensible and secure procedures.

With Novitas hosting services clients can search, organize and analyze documents anywhere, contact human support when needed, and work with our professionals to address unforeseen circumstances.

Our hosting project managers are certified in Relativity and have professional experience with other software and platforms. Our hosting team follows your matter from start to finish to ensure continuity of support and constant communications coverage.

All of our hosting solutions are installed and maintained with a proven high-availability technology provider that is regularly audited for SSAE-16, PCI, and ISO 20000-1 standards for security, processes and procedures.

Using analytic tools in our hosting software, as well as our own proprietary metrics, we provide custom reports on the progress of reviews, and their content.

Our organized and sensible database design techniques aid workflow, document review, and database management.

Our hosting team has the backing of the longest-tenured electronic data processing department in the industry, so we are able to resolve data issues efficiently and can process data for optimal viewing.

Novitas’ state-of-the-art infrastructure allows clients to do what they do best, rather than focusing on the need to buy and maintain equipment or keep trained and certified staff for access to one solution.

Managed Review | Translation

Novitas assembles cost effective attorney review teams quickly and efficiently. Our expansive Managed Document Review service includes: Full, to Production, Review; First and Second Level Review; Quality Control; and, Attorney Project Management.

Our partner's review teams are comprised of qualified lawyers who are supported by Novitas' discovery analysts and document specialists. Together, we confirm that every facet of the review process conforms to the overall litigation strategy as determined by the client. Our document review team also includes experienced project managers and technology staff.

Any of the comprehensive discovery services offered by Novitas may be combined with attorney review to allow for seamless and predictable workflow. We enjoy the ability to hand our clients the keys to a web-based database that consists of data that has been collected, processed, and reviewed under management by the same team.

Whether a well-rounded discovery solution requires a robust Full Managed Review, a Fixed First Pass Managed Review, or to integrate Managed and Technology Assisted or Foreign Language Review, our affordable tiered models are a cost-effective fit.

In trusted partnership with Inspired Review, Novitas offers document review services designed to disrupt a marketplace that has been considered commoditized for years. Our model for pricing discovery services, including attorney and technology assisted review, changes the way clients budget the cost of discovery.

Our discovery services model aligns the visions and needs of our clients with the attorneys performing review and the Novitas project teams; allowing us to offer predictable and affordable solutions that rival other U.S. based services structures, and even those of many offshore services.

Our choice in review partner has as much to do with their commitment to community as it does with the high quality and reasonable cost of their services. A portion of the profits from each review engagement is donated to the charity of our client's choice. This is not a sales gimmick, it is a purposeful choice made by our partner to prove that our clients’ business is taken personally.

The following document review service offerings may be combined with any, or all, of our discovery services:

Full Managed Review: offers an affordable and production ready product that includes elevated QC, review management, and use of facilities (e.g., reviewer space, amenities, and workstations). Our partner’s statistically validated QC process is designed to identify and correct any errors in a review, offering clients peace of mind that what we deliver is truly a production ready product. Between 30%-40% total QC is performed, consisting of types such as: batch, search based, and statistical. This is more than any other managed attorney review company offers without added layers of expense to the client.

Fixed First Pass Managed Review: is an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional billed by the hour first pass document review. For clients who already have a robust second level review process in place, this service offers lower and more predictable costs to enable focus on a more substantive review. The Fixed First Pass Managed Review focuses on "smart batching” to isolate non-responsive documents from review. Performance of both mechanical and privilege QC sets our clients up for an effective internal second level review and final QC process.

Technology Assisted Review integrates leading analytics and predictive coding software with various review methodologies, when appropriate to the cost and timeline goals of a review, to deliver a completely optimized and accelerated solution that is accurate, defensible, and more cost effective than traditional review.

Foreign Language Review: provides our clients with the services of professionals who have advanced linguistic and legal technical expertise to fully translate documents into English or from English to any other language. Our partner’s non-English language reviewers are native language speakers who are trained in both Offshore and United States legal systems. Reviews may be conducted in a wide array of languages, while notes and summaries are provided in English.

How Do these Services Benefit our Clients

Fixed-Cost Pricing offers our clients a level of certainty that is unattainable employing traditional billed by the hour document reviewers. Our fixed-cost pricing includes QC and review management expenses.

Project Metric Tracking provides an unmatched level of accuracy and insight in to productivity during the review process. Our partner’s highly qualified Review Managers track individual and group metrics, enabling a historical perspective that accelerates decision making and improves productivity, while providing our clients with valuable cost control and data metrics.

Defensible & Statistically Validated Review Process employing Review Managers who maintain a diligent focus on the various QC and statistical validation aspects of each review, customized to fit each case, creating a unique review "road map."

Experience & Scalability enables our partner to efficiently assemble efficient and accurate (so, affordable) document review teams anywhere in the U.S., or in offshore locations.

Request more information about our Managed Document Review Services


Novitas codes millions of pages each month for clients and business partners. Our proprietary "Code from Image" software was developed to allow case-specific document coding versatility without sacrificing accuracy.

Novitas offers coding services to help our clients manage and organize documents, a critical component of data management. We code millions of pages each month for clients worldwide. Our proprietary “Code from Image” software was developed to allow case-specific document coding versatility without sacrificing accuracy. We offer:

  • Domestic coding
  • Off-Shore coding
  • Multi-Entry fields
  • Single entry fields
  • Data merge
  • Bates coding
  • Names mentioned
  • Key terms
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Searchable PDF
  • Logical Document Unitization

Imaging | Reprographics

Novitas offers a full spectrum of traditional litigation support services designed to help clients better manage their on paper documents.


  • Document Collections
  • Document Scanning
  • Document Preparation
  • Electronic Numbering
  • Color & Oversized Scanning
  • Document Reassembly
  • OCR / Searchable Document Creation
  • Scan Time Coding
  • Electronic Issue Tagging
  • Summation & Concordance load files
  • Custom load files
  • Image Viewing Applications
  • File Conversion
  • Database Design & Conversion
  • Custom Programming Solutions
  • Image Blowbacks
  • Document Unitization
  • Electronic Document Repositories
  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • Technical Support


  • Document Collections
  • Document Repositories
  • Photocopying
  • Oversize Copying
  • Color Copying
  • Document Numbering/Bates Labeling
  • Enlargement and Mounting
  • Document Binding and Exhibit Binder Creation
  • Trial Graphics
  • Bankruptcy Mailings
  • Media Reproduction
  • Page for Page Quality Control
  • Professional Document Project Management
  • 12 Basic Coding Fields
  • Additional Multi-entry Fields
  • Additional Single-entry Fields
  • Key Terms
  • Issue Coding
  • Logical Document Unitization
  • Data Manipulation/Custom Programming

Other Exemplar Services

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Records Request Management
  • Pre-litigation Preparedness
  • Information Management
  • Crisis Response Planning
  • Data Disposition and Archiving Best Practices
  • Work Product Repurposing
  • Process Auditing
  • Data Mapping and Analytics
  • Technology Evaluation and Integration
  • Predictive Coding, TAR and other Data Reduction Strategies
  • Email and File Archiving

* Team member in downtown Portland law firm focused on estate and trust planning/administration, business/tax/compensation planning, and representing the needs of tax-exempt charitable organizations in Oregon and Washington.

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