Remote Smartphone Data Collection

Novitas Data is a proud Service Partner of ModeOne. When you have a matter or investigation in which you need to collect data from a smartphone/mobile device, we can provide you with a 100% REMOTE / TARGETED data collection that can be performed on Android or iOS devices.

The ModeOne technology allows the custodian to maintain possession of the device… we simply work with the custodian to install an App (Android) or install iTunes & the Collection Utility (iOS) and our Certified Forensic Tech can perform the targeted collection from our office.

No more need for you to:

  • Coordinate with the custodian to ship the device(s) to you or your Forensics Vendor
  • Ship a collection kit to the custodian (for self-collection… not forensically sound)
  • Have a forensics tech go onsite to perform the collection
  • Deal with a custodian who does not want to give up possession of their device

During this collection process, we can provide the following (all for one flat fee):

  • REMOTE / Targeted Data Collection
  • Date Filtering
  • Participant Filtering
  • Collect data from available Chat Messaging Apps
  • Process the collected data (to RSMF if needed)
  • Create and Export a .CSV file so that the collection can be loaded into the review platform of your choice, for immediate review

In addition to the use case for “Legal” sector of an organization, the ModeOne technology can be utilized in the following areas as well:

  • Human Resources
  • Departing Employees
  • BYOD
  • Compliance
  • Internal Affairs

Android workflow:

iOS workflow:

Please contact your Account Manager for more information, or reach out to:
Rob Reid – VP of Business Development
(678) 687 - 4344